About Us

Matt (Webmaster/Contributor/Podcaster)

I’ve always been into music.  From a very young age I realized that I enjoy music in many different forms.  It is a constant in my life.  I currently work in a marketing firm and I can’t get through my day without either my iPod or Pandora going.  I could list the bands I like but that would take something short of forever.  Other than that non music things I’m into are video games,  comics,  movies, and anime.   Finally some useless facts, in Rock Band I can play expert bass and guitar, medium drums and I can’t sing to save my life!

Listentowhitenoise (Contributor/Podcaster)

I was lucky enough to be brought up with a huge variety of music.  Sinatra, Elvis, Dylan, Morrison, Beatles, CSNY, Rolling Stones, Weezer, Green Day, CCR, Elton, Eminem, Disturbed.  Rock, punk, pop, country, rap, jazz, I listened to it all.  And while I tend to favor alt. and classic rock, I still have hip hop, classical, and techno on my iPod play lists.  I don’t discriminate until I hear it.  If I don’t like it, I still don’t really hate it.  Except for the bubble-gum pop of the 90’s.  Boy-bands and teen drama-queens disturb me greatly.


I am an ex army specialist who lives in the past musically. When I’m not being a drunken Irish stereotype I am inclined to read, write, game and hike. I only recently overcame my technophobia and social hermitage.

Mary (Editor/Contributor)

My name is Mary Bradley and I’m a lot of things, really. Reader, writer, proofreader, slave to the English language, etc. I work for an educational company and hope to someday work in publishing for YA specifically. I love music and use it for expression as often as for entertainment. I proofread for this site and write the occasional article when the mood strikes me.

Steve (Contributor/Editor/Podcaster)

I write words; I write music—that’s why I’m here!   After playing piano for several years, I thought I’d finally try my hand at composition, and found that I liked it enough to go for a B.S. in Music Theory & Comp, late in college… (you know, to supplement a drab B.A. in English, and avoid being the butt of an Avenue Q joke).    Since musicology has become my primary hobby, my own tastes are all across the board, having dabbled in just about everything as I’ve looked back to trace the musical family tree.  But my closest preferences—if at all discernible—include Prog, Jazz, Romanticism, Impressionism, and Alternative.  I’m a sucker for beautiful melodies, powerful chords, meaningful lyrics, passionate vocals, tastefulness, pacing, quirkiness, comedy, catchiness, danceability, you name it… It’s all about the way it jives together in the end. What taste does it leave in your mouth?  It’s all about the album, but also the moments—much like life.


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