Crash Chords Podcast Episode 1

Hey guys and gals! It’s our first podcast. We talk new Linkin Park, technology, its effects on the music industry, music in general and much more!


5 Responses to “Crash Chords Podcast Episode 1”

  1. Shit…..I have to correct you guys?! hehe. So Steve is the only one who knows what a 4/4 meter is? Funny stuff guys! Very entertaining, keep it coming!!

  2. Joseph A (moo) Mastropiero Says:

    Good podcast guys! It’s nice that the 3 of you have such a varying background, it makes your arguments entertaining =) As far as Ideas for things to listen to, two major ideas, both involving music genres. Firstly being a general review or discussion on a genre you already know about, IE punk, classical, heavy metal, and talking about it. pros and cons, whathaveyou. The second idea being taking a genre you normally stay away from, or don’t typically listen to, listen to it for a day or two, trying a couple artists in the genre, then giving your thoughts on it the next podcast. No one listens to everything all the time, so I expect you can find some seriously original stuff out there. My first suggestion, being a passion of mine, would be Gregorian Chants! I list it as a genre only because in general you may think it’s one thing, but its really a lot more than just that. Have Fun and keep kicking ass!

  3. Anthony Says:

    Artificial Heart came out in November 2011.

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