Song Shots: Blink 182 – Up All Night

“Let me get this straight, do you want me here? As I struggle through each and every year. And all these demons, they keep me up all night.”

Blink 182’s new album Neighborhoods is out and the new single “Up All Night” is music to my ears. Pun intended.  I love this song.  The heavy drums rev you up and the melody and lyrics keep you hooked.  It’s different from what you would expect from Blink initially but for me personally it’s a welcome change. Their sound has sprinkles of the best parts of the Blink’s style both past and present. They have big shoes to fill with their first studio album in 8 years but this song is definitely a great sign of what’s to come.


2 Responses to “Song Shots: Blink 182 – Up All Night”

  1. Carlos Johns-Davila Says:

    I like your style of music. I’m a composer but I write classical stuff. There’s a lot you can learn from rock bands though. Cool stuff man!

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